21 September 2012

06 June 2012

Week in Photos #3

All the pretty flowers in my garden, Banana sandwich yummmm, wearing my boyfriends t-shirt tucked into my skirt, my glossybox set up - the lengths a blogger goes to and you couldn't even see the balloon, looking after this little torag, I officially have a degree, pink sands yankee candle, diy big bow cushion - how to anyone?, jubileeness, MILLIES COOOOKIES, my first high street foundation in over 5 years, puuurty flowers, my own jubilee nail art, crown balloon, blotting papers by kleenex, monday night movie, ootd sneak peak, duck race.


14 May 2012

Mani Monday - Mix and Match Nails

I'm loving the whole mixed patterns nail art ideas and thought I'd share my own version using summery and pastel colours, mixing stripes, polka dots and glitter together.


Disney Couture Tinkerbell Bracelet

Disney Couture Tinkerbell slipper bracelet


02 May 2012

How To - Pastel Gradient Nail Design

Spring/Summer Inspired Nail Ombre Design


26 April 2012

Studying, Tonsillitis and Wellie Boots

Sorry for the lack of posts guys but things have been a bit crazy lately, being in 3rd year at uni equals extra pressure to do your best so I've been studying like crazyyyy in the hope I get some decent results.


04 April 2012

First Blog Post

 {Image found on pinterest}

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