29 April 2012

April Glossybox The Natural One Review

I received my first Glossybox on Friday and I will admit I was disappointed to start with. After the prestige of the Harrods box and how glossy and sleek and well polished the other ones look, I was coveting the idea of having a shiny, glossy pink box, but no it was not meant to be this month at least. I opened to outer packaging to reveal a biodegradable cardboard (probably recycled) box. I realised straight away that this one must have some sort of eco friendly theme.
So onto the products I received, I’m not big on natural beauty products but I mean, we all generally care about such things as animal testing and these products presently surprised me in the fact the boasted being all natural.

The first thing I reached for was the bright packaging of the Figs & Rouge balm, the glossy box card calls it a lip balm however it is multipurpose balm that can be used on dry skin as well. The first thing I really liked about the product was.. it was easy to open, yes! This amazed me unlike those plastic things that you eventually have to give up and get the scissors to it just opened, there was no fighting to get this little lovely tin out. The tin itself is as lovely as the product. Straight away I could smell the peppermint and tea tree and my lips have never been softer, I have to say 5 stars I love this! 

 Next up is the Inika cosmetics eye liner which I got in the colour sapphire, a dark but at the same time bright blue. The packaging itself is lovely and plain and the eyeliner is nice and creamy as can be seen from the swatch it also smudges quite well. However, I’m not really one to stray from my black eyeliners so I think this one will be unused.

The Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum.. now there is a tongue twister! I was pleasantly surprised as with all of the products how large the sample of this was. And the serum itself is brilliant as I do tend to suffer from dry skin it definitely has made an improvement. The serum itself is non-greasy almost watery consistence. 

Monu Body Cream. Now I am a girl who loves a good moisturiser, nothings better than that feeling of moisturised skin and this one was great its not sticky and the scent was so nice and fresh. I think this is definitely a great product and the fact its organic makes it even better I think.

And last but not least the Philip B Drop Dead straightening balm, my hair is sort of naturally straight so I don’t really tend to wear it straight all too often but when I do I don’t really want to have to use straighteners to do it I don’t want to expose my hair to unnecessary heat and since Friday I’ve used this twice whilst drying my hair and its kept it just a nice straight which I really like. Its also not greasy or sticky like many other hair products of this type which I think is really refreshing.

All in all my initial disappointment faded, the products overall were really good and I think the concept of a natural and eco friendly Glossybox was great.


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