12 April 2012

Birthday and Shopping Haul ♥

So as you know I turned 21 last week, and things have pretty much been a bit hectic since then and I have exams coming up so studying is taking a back seat for a little while to let me make a few changes to my blog and update it.

Anyway onto my Birthday itself, unfortunately I had to go to uni between 2 and 4 but I went for a TGI's with my friends and they got me this lovely purple glittery box fulll of goodies they know I love and made me a gorgeous card with little memories etc.. soo cute. Unfortunately I never got a picture of it all full of lovelyness.

Im a bit of a fuss pot so the main thing from my family was money to just go and buy what I wanted but I did get a few lovely gifts and the biggest surprise was receiving flowers in the morning from my amazing boyfriend so sweet ♥. 

I also got a lovely new camera that will be perfect for all my blogging to come and the most lovely Links of London Friendship bracelet. in some nice pastel colours which at the moment I am obsessed with! 

So onto my shopping haul I went shopping I say with my boyfriend, but I basically dragged him around shops I'm one of those go in for a look and then go back and then go back again sort of people. My first purchase of the day was a lovely little blouse from River Island, its really plain but as soon as I seen it I knew I had to have it its one of those, throw on in a rush because it goes with anything tops.

River Island £18

Its such a lovely little cream colour and a sort of silky material, I just love it its so soft and comfy and even though I have a few blouses and shirts of a similar style I am just totally obsessed with this one.
I then bought a scarf from H&M to add to my already huge scarf collection, a girl can never have too many right?
 H&M £6.99

I think it was the mix of pastels and creams and the kind of vintage look it had just totally caught my eye, Ive been practically wearing it with everything since I got it or tying it on my bags.

Next up was Bank, I'm not a regular shopper of this store but I noticed a few of my favourite brands such as Glamorous.
Glamorous at Bank £30

I purchased this lovely pastel blue shirt dress and I love how intricate the little lace detail of the top is and how floaty the skirt is. Although, purchasing it wasn't easy I wanted it then I didn't and then I did and then I decided I needed to buy more things to go with it and did my usual last minute run back and get things I already seen but didn't buy.. but should have. 

New Look £19.99

This Included 2 items from new look.. Im a total sucker for a satchel bag and through in some coral and pastel colours and I'm going to want it. I love the little handheld strap and the longer strap which isn't detachable its very roomy I actually managed to pack a change of clothes and makeup hairspray etc inside it for staying at my boyfriends house.. an achievement for me as I rarely stray from my oversized bags.

 New Look £17.99

Im also one of those people that if Im wary of a new trend it can take a while for it to grow on me.. the slipper shoe however the nude studded ones in Topshop first brought me round and then I seen these in New Look.. nude shoes are my weakness in life, the go to shoe and heels for me. 

And finally, the piece of clothing I am cherishing most at the moment..
 Zara £49.99

If its possible to love a piece of clothing I love this blazer.. its soft and almost a silky jersey material and the striped lining just makes me swooon. I just think its the perfect spring/summer piece and pastel pink. 

That finishes my little shopping haul, coming up I'll have a few little looks of the day, a product review, some tutorials and Im going to add a weekly Friday piece of my week in pictures, I own a blackberry and not an iPhone so no instagram for me I do however use an online version called pixlr check it out: www.pixlr.com
I'll leave you with a picture of the massive balloons I came home to on my birthday :)


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