16 May 2012

Claudia Canova

I would like to start by saying I am crazy for these bags like literally they each have their own Claudia like name, I am not joking, I even find myself talking to them now and again..
Claudia Canova bags have basically been a huge part of my life since the age of 18 when I got my very first one, I will admit they are not the most expensive bags out there but for me it was the fact this was something I had bought totally on my own from my first wages and since then I can not get enough.
 I remember exactly how I felt when I ordered my first one from ASOS, next day delivery was essential. It arrived in a box, inside a “Claudia Canova” dust bag wrapped in tissue paper, protective tape all over all the little pieces of gold hardware. It was white, pink and black patent, a satchel bag with three zips and so shiny and soft and new, the pink was a glittery glimmery kind of patent, I opened it up to reveal the beige lining and Claudia Canova tag and I was in love. Being my first ever Claudia Canova, I naturally just named her Claudia, yes her, and I used her to death to the point the metal zipper bursts if I zip it too quickly and I have therefore mastered the art of zipping slowly and delicately.

 I quickly bought my second one also from ASOS a little black patent bag which had fuchsia lining, what more could I want. At this point Claudia Canova bags were extremely difficult to get a hold of I was always searching google, ebay anything for my Claudia fix. My second Claudia was named Claud being the only black bag I own I see him as my more serious business side but the bright fuchsia pink still makes him fun. Im actually considering using this one as a laptop bag.

I received one as a gift for my 20th Birthday from my Uni friends, I had actually seen the bag the week before at the only place I had found stocking them, surprisingly a garden centre. This bag was a soft matte grey leather grab bag with tassels on either side and of course the fuchsia lining. I see this bag as my sophisticated take out to lunch and shopping bag and so named her claudette, such a lady.

 My newest addition was purchased from an ebay shop, the Claudia Canova signature satchel, I have never loved a bag as much ever ever ever. And for Christmas my lovely Boyfriends Mum and Dad got me the matching purse as soon as I seen that fuchsia pink box I knew exactly what it was and my heart literally skipped. I can literally not stop using this bag mostly because I feel the purse without the bag is like me without mascara need to keep them together! I actually named her Claudia II as well she was an amazing replacement for Claudia I and as you can tell I more than get my use from her. She also has a detachable strap for over the shoulder/ cross body but I never use it I feel she should be worn proudly on my arm, nothing can describe my love for this bag.. genuinely. I was therefore pretty heartbroken when my little signature CC love heart zipper broke off the other day but CC have told me they can fix it Im a happy girl.

Anyway they are no longer as difficult for me to get a hold of because, and yes there is big news coming..
Drum roll please!
They have
Bad news for my bank balance, probably. They also have a facebook and a twitter and my proudest moment as a cult Claudia Canova lover was when they retweeted the picture of my collection and sent me a personal reply. It was like my years of loyal service and loving of Claudia had a little cherry and some icing put on top.
I love Claudia Canova, I reallyyyy do! 



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