02 May 2012

How To - Pastel Gradient Nail Design

Spring/Summer Inspired Nail Ombre Design

At the moment I am completely in love with all things pastel, I think they are the perfect spring into summer trend and I know I might be a bit late jumping on the, ombre nail bandwagon but I love them. I thought I would share a quick tutorial on how I achieved my pastel yellow and lilac dip-die ombre nails.

For this you have to thin out your top coat with the nail polish remover this is why I had 2 top coats and I done this first in the bottle as I had hardly any left anyway.. however you can just thin the top coat out later.

Step 1: Use your base pastel nail polish, Im using Rimmel London 058 Lemon Drops, and apply 2 coats. Allow this to dry.

Step 2: Take your top coat and place a large amount on the scrap paper add a few drops of nail varnish remover, mix this with the cocktail stick.

Step 3: Take the second pastel colour your using, Im Using Barry M Berry Ice Cream, and mix this in with your thinned out top coat to create an almost watery consistency.

Step 4:  using your clean eyeshadow brush go about half way up the nail and apply a thin coat to each nail, then repeat this slightly further down and then further down again, do this about 4 times and you shouls have your tie die ombre effect.

Step 5: Apply a generous layer of your top coat.


If you dont have pastel colours take a normal colour and mix it together with a lot of white to create the perfect pastel shade.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.


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