26 May 2012

Whats in My Bag

Last week I showed you all my lovely collection of Claudia Canova handbags, so I thought I would show you all what I carry around in my everyday bag. Be warned I'm one of those people who puts everything and anything in my bag just because "I might need it".

From Left to Right: Disaster Designs compact mirror, my purse, makeup bag, simple moisturizer,  Victoria Secret Palette, Olay face wipes, Got2b 2sexy hairspray, bobble, Rimmel Pink Amazon ( I always always have a red nailpolish in my bag just incase I leave the house without painted nails), Thierry Mugler Alien perfume ( my absolute fave), S&G hand food, Antibacterial wipes and spray (total clean freak, my keys, deodorant, Sun tan lotion, liberty diary and my favourite pens, USB with chanel ribbon, random jewellery items, chewing gum packs each with only 1 bit left, scarf.


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