14 May 2012

Mani Monday - Mix and Match Nails

I'm loving the whole mixed patterns nail art ideas and thought I'd share my own version using summery and pastel colours, mixing stripes, polka dots and glitter together.

You will need a top coat, 3 of your favourite summer colours. I have chosen Barry M Berry Ice Cream, Rimmel Instyle Coral and Bourjois Bleu Model. I also have Rimmel Discoball for the glitter accent nail.

1. Paint thumb and ring finger lilac
2. Paint remaining finger nails coral colour
3. Add accent glitter
4. Stripe thumb with the pastel aqua colour
5. Stripe Middle finger
6. Make polka dots on remaining 2 fingers
 7. Finish the whole thing off with a top coat .


Paint your opposite hand a different combination of these, for example thumb and ring finger aqua the other 3 purple and use aqua and glitter as accents.



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