15 May 2012

Nicki Minaj Viva Glam Lipstick Review

I recently purchased the Nicki Minaj viva glam lipstick after my exams, I felt some retail therapy was in order and after attempting to get the Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid foundation which they didn’t have in my colour in 4 counters I decided the only place for a sad girl like me to cheer up was MAC. I seen this and just had to had to get it, after all you can’t just go into MAC for a look!
I particularly love how creamy this lipstick is and the colour really pops on my lips and I'm ultra glad it does not dry my lips out as much as the amplified colours. I love wearing my No. 7 liplicious inMarshmallow over it to add a nice glossyness to it.

Lips With Nicki Minaj Viva Glam

Lips with Nicki Minaj Viva Glam and Marshmallow Liplicious

This is definitely becoming my go to lip choice to just slick on when Im in a rush and is quickly becoming my favourite pink as I have been attached to Rimmels Lasting Finish in 004 Indulgence FOR EV ER and I mean that at one point I stock piled just on the alone during a Boots 3 for 2, thats how much I love it. It does have a few similarities to the Viva Glam and could possibly be a good Viva Glam dupe.

Lips with Rimmel Indulgence

Lips with Rimmel Indulgence and Marshmallow Liplicious
I think they are very alike the Rimmel being slightly darker though but its going to be tough putting down my Viva Glam.


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