07 June 2012

May Glossybox 1st Birthday Edition

Glossybox 1st Birthday

My May Glossybox arrived at my door at half 8 in the morning and I am not joking I was like a child at Christmas just so so excited to open it as soon as I seen the postman holding it I just wanted to grab it from his hands. I do not think any girl can say they don’t feel special holding that glossy pink box and I was in love with the tissue paper with all the beauty related pictures on it.. toooo cute. 

 Noble Isle - Summer Rising Cornish Hedgerows Bath and Shower Gel

I had never heard of this brand before and so was quite intrigued by it, I really liked the bottle and thought the embossed lid was a nice touch. This shower and bath gel really does smell like summer in  a bottle and kind of reminded me of the countryside. I have practically used it all already that's how much I like this the scent just fills my whole bathroom when I run a bath with it its amazing. The glossybox sample size was 75ml and Noble Isle have it as £20 for a 100ml and to be honest I think it is well worth that price, something I shall be purchasing. 

Lolita Lempicka - Eau de Parfum and Si Lolita

I already have a Lolita Lempicka perfume and I love it and the bottle, so I did like recieving these samples as I always find the perfumes to my taste.

APVITA - express beauty masks with cucumber

I absolutely love face masks but do find my skin can be quite sensitive, so I usually don't purchase cheaper ones or heavily fragranced ones for that reason. I did however think these ones would be okay as they are a high end beauty brand. I was wrong after about 2 minutes of having it on my face I felt like it was burning and had to wash it off immediately and my face remained very red for a while afterwards. I would say if like me you have relatively sensitive skin do not use them. 

 Osmo - Berber oil hair treatment

yet another product I was pleased to see in my glossybox as I really love hair oil treatments. It smells amazingly sweet, almost like cherry but not quite an id not only that it does exactly what it says. I have been using this religiously since I got it and it is amazing. It makes my hair dry mega fast, my hair feels and looks better and not to mention the full size 100ml is £19.99 much cheaper than Moroccan oil. The sample size was 10ml and I have been using it everyday and not even got through half of it yet so I would say its well worth the money. 

Eldora - False Lashes B175

I am a girl who owns a mountain of false lashes, however I prefer small more natural looking ones as my own lashes are already long and thick. So for that reason these ones just weren't suitable for me and were too big for my taste. 

Glossybox Compact Mirror

A lovely little touch in my opinion, what girl doesn't need an extra compact mirror. 

Overall this months Glossybox was a mixed bag for me as I seen other bloggers boxes and was disappointed by what was considered as my two full sized products, the lashes and the face masks which I thought were actually a sample sachet. 

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