03 July 2012

Asda Skincare Haul

I popped into Asda the other day mostly with the intention of just getting snacks but realized I needed Hairspray. Thats when I spotted they had offers on toiletries and skin care and on Simple skincare. I know the majority of bloggers rave about products far more expensive than Simple but for my skin its the best thing I have used. I was therefore mega excited to see it all at £1.50 or £2.

 I Picked up Simple Oil balancing facial wipes as my skin had become oily since using Rimmel foundation, I also got the cleanser but unfortunately there was no Toner left so I got this Garnier one which was also included in the offer. I have to say I am really liking this toner, could be replacing my Simple, it smells really fresh and leaves my skin feeling super soft. So if your looking for a wee bargain on some skincare for your holidays, festival or just everyday why not pop into Asda.


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