02 July 2012

photo times #3

Manchester: Pandy's car from our hotel room, views from the room, having a relaxing drink, shopping at Arndale - could not get over the size of the shops, chinese finger trap walkway, pretty bunting, China town, My handsome, Jay-Z and Kanye West - up very high, Otis, the stages and lighting were amazing, Jay-Z, All of the lights, China Town at night, Driving home, Scotland :D!, lollllipop, Equi's Cotton Candy ice cream, Glossybox, treated myself in Chanel, new brushes, new favourite nailpolishes, met Walter Smith at the golf with my Daddy and Handsome, My handsome Pandy at the golf, a little fox, the aftermath of my wellie boots, the Pizza Pandy tried to make.

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