21 September 2012

Glossybox catchup: July and August

 July Glossybox

Firstly I have to apologize for being so MIA recently, the past month has been pretty hectic but I'm back and have lots of posts coming up for you guys to enjoy :).

I thought I'd start with glossyboxes as I now have 3 to talk about so this is going to be my review of both July and August and my September one will be very shortly:).
July's Glossybox was all about Festival beauty products, Im not really much of a festival goer myself but I can see how some of these products could be useful.

The First product is the Collin Resultime, which is apparently a regenerating collagen gel. I was surprised by the very gel like texture of this product and the first thing I noticed is it has that typical cosmetic scent. However, I was not too keen on this as I felt it left my skin feeling quite sticky.

Next up is the Paul Mitchel Awapuhi texturizing sea spray, I love these sort of products and I loved the fresh scent this one had. I have very naturally straight hair so it didn't quite give me beach waves but it did give my hair a lot of body and helped maintain my curls for longer if I had curled it. I definitely liked this product a lot.

The Monu Calming cream, is a green tinted cream which is said to reduce visible redness. I do suffer from redness and blotchy patches in my skin so was glad to see a product like this. I will admit I have noticed a decrease after a few days when I've used this product so its a keeper for me.

I hope Im not the only one who can remember Jelly Pong Pong from their young teenage years when you were first experimenting with makeup and not getting it right. So I was very pleasantly surprised to see this in my box, its a lip frosting in irish cream pavlova.. and its very bright pink. It says it can also be used on the cheeks but I think I would avoid putting this anywhere but my lips.

And, Lastly is the Kryolan satin powder, which is a shimmering eye dust, I have to be honest I have never heard of kryolan before and unfortunately this product didn't astound me its very blah but not quite neutral and I'm a neutral colour on my eyes type of girl so I'm afraid this will be getting pushed to the back of a drawer.
All in all I wasn't overly impressed with this months box, there was nothing there that makes me want to buy the full versions.

August Glossybox : International Superstars

 I have to say that the August Glossybox is the one which impressed me most since I started my subscription I feel its the one which matches the "Beauty Profile" I filled out most even though everyone got the same box basically. The Box was called International Superstars and contained products from countries around the world. I thought this idea was great especially with it being the month of the olympics.

The first was the Alwssandro Pro White a nailpolish which contains an anti-yellowing formula, it is a transparent bluey, purple colour. I personally thought this product was great as I am a total user and abuser of nail polishes so something that will help restore my natural nails is a great idea.

The DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, is a water-soluble cleanser which boasts it is better than any other make-up remover, some may be skeptical of this but it is truly amazing. It gets rid of all your makeup and doesnt leave your face feeling greasy or oily.

The imPRESS press on manicure there has been such a hype about these that I thought they wouldn't be up to much but nevertheless I was excited to see them in glossybox especially since the retail at almost £8. These nails are truly amazing the really do last for up to a week and after a while the pattern even grew on me. I have an imPRESS nails review coming shortly also!

Vera Valenti eyeshadow palette, has very much neutral colours which I like even though I won't ever touch the green. I seen a few people saying its not a high end product which is true but then we have just been spoiled with 5 fullsize products so I thought this was a welcome little addition.

Lipcote, what else is there to say its a truly British brand that everyone already knows and loves. Im a big big fan of lipcote.

 Glossybox lipstick in Glossy Pink, I unlike some people like the addition if the little glossybox branded products and I really love this lipstick its my favourite sort of colour.

Overall the August Glossybox has by far been my favourite a truly amazing box.


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