08 October 2012

imPRESS nails

The Broadway imPRESS nails have been around for a good few months now and seem to be proving popular, after receiving a set in the "International Superstars" Glossybox I decided I wanted to try more because they really were amazing and when I seen these in Boots I fell in love. The print is TGIF and I bought them to wear to a wedding I was attending as they went perfectly with my outfit. 

 As you can see they are a lovely delicate and pastel floral design which I really love, pastels and florals are my main weakness in life,

After applying them I filed them down as I'm not a regular fake nail wearer they felt too long for me and I thought they looked extra cute short. As many of you may be I was slightly dubious about the fact the claim to last for a week as previous experience has told me I'd be lucky to make it through a night. However, these nails really are truly amazing and they lasted far longer than a week I finally had to take them off which was simple and easy enough to do. I would definitely buy these again they were amazing.

imPress nails are availible from boots and are £7.99 for plain designs and £8.99 for patterened nails
Superdrug are slightly cheaper at £5.99 for a wide range of plain colors and £7.99 for the patterned nails.
There is also a wide selection of them on Amazon and Ebay

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