10 October 2012

Re-Gen Cream Review - My Bedside Must Have

Many of  you may have heard of Bio-oil and how its amazing for the skin, stretchmarks and scarring. I have a scar on my face an I used this for months but all that happened was my skin would constantly break out in that area. I gave up and just purchased pretty heavy duty concealers but again my skin would break out and so I finally gave up using anything to reduce the appearance of it. However, a few months ago I discovered Re-Gen cream they also do an oil similiar to Bio-oil but cheaper and this is what is in the cream. I also suffer from a dermatitis on my face that causes red, dry and sore skin and this has worked wonders.

 I have honestly found this product to be utterly amazing and it smells good too :). Whilst it hasn't got rid of my scar the fact the rest of my skin is looking much healthier makes me feel a lot better about it.
Re-Gen cream is a cheap product but definitely one everyone should have in my opinion.

I bought mine from ASDA for £4.97
Its also Availible from the Co-op pharmacies, Amazon and Home Bargains.

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