07 October 2012

September Glossybox 2012

The September Glossybox was the limited edition print by Maggi Li, I personally thought the box was beautiful but the contents were very much lacking for me.

The Balance Me wonder eye cream, Ive been using this since I got my Glossybox and to be honest I haven't noticed much difference in my black bags at all so for me this product will not be getting purchased.

The Body Shop Vitamin E moisture cream, I already have a very large tub of this cream and enjoy using it so useful as a little travel size for me. However, I am struggling to understand how The Body shop is a "high end beauty product".

The Lady Gaga fame perfume I was chuffed to see this in there as I have been looking forward to trying this perfume. I love the scent its very florally and sort of musky to me but I will say it doesn't seem to last long on the skin.

The Rodial 5 Minute Facial and Glamoxy Snake Serum, these are tiny little samples and really something that at my age I'm not that interested in using.

The Loreal tecniart, The mousse definitely gives my hair some extra volume but I haven't really noticed much difference when using the liss control serum.

All in all, this Glossybox was a complete disappointment for me there is nothing im even remotely interested in getting full size products of. Ive got 2 samples I could get from beauty counters, 2 products I could buy from boots or superdrug and no full size, even thouugh many people had a stand out full size product. It wont come as a surprise but with the majority of the boxes since April coming up short for me I have cancelled my subscription. I feel that if they are going to have only one full size product surely everyone should get that and why make people fill in a beauty profile if you are not even going to look at it. Goodbye Glossybox.

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