26 November 2012

Bedroom series 1 : Cable and Cotton

So many of you may already know that during the summer I decided to re-decorate my room I wanted to have a more open, airy feeling as it felt rather dark and dull before.
One of the things I desperately wanted were fairylights to go above my bed and I done some research into it and I came across Cable and Cotton, these were most definitely what I wanted, lights by night and decorations by day.

I loved the way the lights were packaged and liked the fact you had to assemble them yourself. The instructions enclosed were super easy to follow and it took me less than half an hour even with being slighly OCD and fussy about what colour was going where.

These pictures show them in the light and off, I just love the colours I choose and how well they match in with my colour scheme without being too matchy matchy.

These are off them on at night and I just adore the cosy feeling they add to my room and the different ways the light leaves the little cotton balls to transfer light onto my walls.

All in all I LOVE cable and cotton lights and would definitely purchase more! I already have my  eye on the circus lights, hint hint santa! a set of these amazing lights has definitely added a little extra something to my room and I absolutely adore them.

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