31 December 2012

Photo times #6

So this will be my last post of 2012 as in a few short hours it will officially be a new year:). I'm not one for making resolutions at new year I see at as more of a time for reflection, looking back over he past at everything you have achieved. I know mostly everything I hope and dream 2013 will bring. I know I've been a bit MIA on the blog scene of late and yes I have been busy but I kind of lost the whole passion I had for it. I was constantly comparing my little blog to others and thinking I will never have a many followers as them and I suppose that's more of a confidence issue on my part. So, 2013 for my blog means a new look, a more me look an very possibly a new name. I'm going I keep my fashion an beauty posts but also address more important an personal issues as well. I hope you all have an amazing 2013.


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