13 November 2013

Share The Love #1

So I've seen a few of these posts going around recently and I was very inspired to do one sharing the blogging love with you and telling you all about my favourite blogs to read and the bloggers behind them! so lets get started!


23 October 2013

The Halloween Tag

Halloween is by far my favourite time of year, it might even be my favourite holiday! I'm sure all my fellow beauty obsessives can agree that the makeup alone is enough to make you enjoy it! I seen Hayley of Water Painted Dreams do this tag and I decided I would do it as what better way to get into the halloween spirit!

What is your favourite Halloween movie?
Now I'm not one for scary movies! So I'm going to say my favourite sort of Halloween featuring movie (it has witches in it, whats not halloween about that) is Practical Magic! Yes its kind of a love story but it does include a lot of witchy going ons, like ex lovers coming back from the dead etc. Its well worth watching especially for putting the lime in the coconut! BEST BIT!


20 September 2013

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation

Since the age of 14 I’ve been wearing makeup, this started off with cheap not so good products resulting in very bad skin from then I have always used higher end foundations, Estee Lauder, Chanel etc. However about a year ago I thought I would venture into the world of high street foundations once again with Rimmel Wake Me Up, some people love it but me, not so much, read about my experience here. Basically my skin had never been so bad and I decided not to use it again, this kind of put me off any high street foundations. However a couple of months ago whilst in boots there was a 3 for 2 deal on Bourjois and I couldn’t quite decide if I wanted to give the Healthy Mix Serum a chance or not but I picked up shade 51 and decided it deserved a go.
I am so glad I did, honestly! This foundation alone has completely changed my mind about high street foundations because I absolutely love it! First off the packaging isn’t really anything special it’s a simple plastic pump bottle. It does its job. Its described as being light to medium coverage but I’d definitely say it’s more medium for me and builable in those areas where I need a bit of extra coverage. The colour actually matches my skin fairly well considering drugstore foundations are usually too dark for me. I’ve seen many bloggers say it’s a dupe for the Chanel Pro Lumiere (the predecessor of Perfection Lumiere) and I would have to agree it is very similar it even has that same none cosmetic scent that Chanel has. In terms of wear I can’t say it definitely lasts on my skin for 16 hours but with a good primer it doesn’t budge for a good 12 hours at least and on my skin thats pretty good!
I honestly cannot fault this foundation at all I am truly in love with it and at a third of the price of Chanel, how could I not be.



11 September 2013

My Dressing Table

Favourite perfumes
Some skincare bits
Most used brushes
Like any girl my dressing table has pride of place in my room, I can remember the first dressing table I ever got and feeling like a princess sitting down at it. I've had this dressing table for a few years now and decided it needed a bit of a change. Before it was cluttered and had a much smaller mirror and had just lost that touch of it being a special place. A few adjustments and purchases from ikea can make the world of difference. I love this big gold mirroe I've had it for ages and I just love doing my makeup in it and I can see my outfits aswell. The perfume tray that my favourite perfumes sit in is actually a glass lasagne dish (I think) from Ikea, I thought it would do the job until I could find something prettier. Beside that I have a few skincare bits and a jar full of cotton pads. At the opposite side I have my glasses with my most used makeup brushes, predominantly real techniques and sigma. The purple glasses were actually candles from Primark! Next is the pink box which holds a lot of my lipsticks, this is what a purse I got given as a gift actually came in but I never wanted to through it away. My nailpolishes are kept in a glass (fruit bowl?) from Ikea, I had been looking for something like this for a while and when I spotted this (its called gottis) in the Kitchen area I snapped it up. And of course what girls dressing table would be complete without a Chanel bag.I'm also going to be getting a few makeup illustrations to put at either side of my dressing table.
Is your dressing table a special place to you?


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