14 January 2013

Ebay finds #1

  I love shopping on ebay for bargains as there are many to be had if you know what your looking for I therefore thought I'd share a few things which have made it into my watch list and basket. I already own a pair of these wellies and at the time I wondered why I bought them but they are the only thing I wear on rainy days. With everyone raving about the celine bag there are copy cats all over ebay, this one I thought was the best. I purchased all 3 of the jewellery items and hopefully I'll have them on my blog soon. 



  1. Those wellies are so cute! I can't believe they are only £8.99 a pair! I've also nominated you for a Leibster Award, you can find out the details on my blog: http://cutesfruits.blogspot.co.uk/ :) x

  2. Oh wow! thank you so much :)! x


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