31 January 2013

Favourite Blushers #1 Mac Dainty

Mac Dainty
Is one of my all time favourite blushers, it’s a mineralize one meaning it contains quite a bit of shimmer and even though it looks a very bright baby pink it is anything but. I wear this blusher pretty much every day, I wear it along with my Chanel bronze universal on my cheeks and when applied lightly it actually has a kind of coral pink undertone and due to it having shimmer in it, I feel it gives my cheeks a nice glow and I don’t really need to apply any highlighter. Mac describes it as a light yellow pink with gold pearl, which I think suits it perfectly, as I love the golden shimmer in it. 

I have repurchased this blusher so many times as it really is a staple of mine and I think it perfect for both summer and winter as in the summer it complements sun kissed skin amazingly and in the winter can give dull skin a little lift and glow. 

Above are swatches of the blusher and when swatched lightly you can see the nice sort of corallyness (not even a word I know) it has and it can be applied darker to give you a deeper pink.
All in all I highly highly recommend this blusher, I’m sure it is going to remain an everyday makeup staple of mine for a long time. 


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