12 January 2013

MUA Heaven & Earth Palette

I absolutely adore eyeshadows, for me I like my eyes to be the main feature of my face when people are talking to you they look at your eyes. Wearing eyeshadow helps to define and add a little extra to your face in my opinion and for that reason I wear eyeshadow every day, I prefer neutral eye looks but darker for night and when I spotted the MUA Heaven & Earth palette I knew I needed it.

I have had this palette for a good few months now and I absolutely adore it, I use it everyday and most of the time when I'm going on a night out unless I am wanting a darker look. The colours are all very neutral and are shimmer with some darker toned and gold toned browns as well. The colours themselves are very highly pigmented which I think is amazing for a £4 palette and blend very easily with one another. You do need to use a good eyeshadow primer with them to prevent creasing and them wearing off but I find I can apply the combination of colours I want and they will last all day.

The image below shows the colours from left to right I usually use the first bottom 3 for everyday .
All in all I think the MUA palette is a great buy at just £4 and is amazing for everyday use. The MUA makeup range is availible online and in Superdrug stores.


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  1. These seems the colors i need, i'll go to check at the store.. and if i'll find it good for me, i can Truly say: you are awesome!! ;)


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