10 January 2013

Stila One Step Correct Primer

 I’ve tried a fair few primers over the years none of them have ever really stuck in my beauty routine, I’ve either left them neglected in a drawer as I moved on to the next or passed them onto my mum or sister. A primer is something I feel my skin needs most days as I suffer from redness now and again, and I think a good primer can really help this and also make your makeup last all day.
I had seen the Stila One Step Correct online and was so undecided on wether or not to buy it I even put it as a bookmark on my browser I was looking at it that often. Then on a trip into town just after Christmas I ventured into Space.NK and I won’t lie it was the very first thing I spotted, I took this as a sign and snapped up the green, pink and lilac swirly product. 

I will say one thing the product itself is so eye-catching and just lovely to look at it claims to immediately improve skin tone, complexion, help smooth out fine lines and control oil by using three colours. The green to minimise redness, lavender to counteract any undertones and peach to brighten and illuminate the skin. 

I absolutely love this primer, my skin is sort of combination and I generally get oily around the nose area but since using this it is definitely a lot less oily and I had been having a bit of a blah time with my foundations where I just didn’t feel I looked right but this has definitely made my foundation apply better and given me a great complexion. It blends on so smoothly just with your fingers and all the colours in the foundation blend together so its not a case that they all go on differently. As for my redness I wouldn’t say it has totally gone but it is a lot less noticeable now when wearing my makeup. All in all I think this primer is a miracle product for me, definitely one I’ll be using on an everyday basis.



  1. This product always catches my eye because of the colours! Have to admit I was a bit wary about putting green on my face! But I am tempted to bite the bullet and buy it after this review!


    1. I was the same but it honestly just blends right in you would not even know the green was in it :). It is honestly a great product :)


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