06 January 2013

Winter Nail Polish Favourites

Winter is definitely one of my favourite seasons and I have to admit now that the festive season is over, all the decorations are gone I'm feeling a little bare. However its still officially winter for another month or so and with that in mind I thought I'd share some of my favourite nail polishes. I will admit the majority are red/purple but as soon as I see a plum/purple/red nail polish I'm like a magpie.

                    Nails Inc Savile Row                Topshop Blitz                               No7  Blackberry

                                           Ted Baker Glitters                                              No7  Beanie             

My wost worn over the past few months has definitely been between the Nails Inc Savile Row and Topshop Blitz I love them both! Most are darker colours that I would usually feel I need multiple layers of fake tan on my pale skin to pull off, but in the winter I feel darker colours are more wearable for me.

Nails Inc Savile Row
The perfect plum colour for me, it leans more towards the red side of plum than purple which I think is great for me and my pale skin tone. Its one of those colours that when you see it on your fingers it puts a little smile on your face, or maybe thats just me that gets like that.

Topshop Blitz  
Is from the metallic range of nailpolishes its on the lighter side of plum and in some lights it looks pink, but I think thats because the metallic tones there are give it a golden green sheen. Im not really one for metallic nails but this has definitely made me think twice its one of my firm favourites.

No7  Blackberry
I prefer wearing this one for nights out as its a very dark purple, it has pink and gold fine glitter through it as well which I think makes it perfect for a night out colour.

Ted Baker Glitters 
I actually got these in a Ted baker gift set as a christmas gift from someone and I tried them out expecting them to be more clear with a little glitter but I was very pleasantly surprised by just how glittery they were, the gold glitter was perfect for christmas day with a nice festive red and the red glitter has a sort of burgundy tone to it, Im loving wearing this as the statement color on my ring finger along with my savile row.

No7  Beanie   
I like wearing this colour over the winter as a more casual every day one I love the grey beige tone of this one.

Nails Inc Savile Row (£11): Nails Inc and Beauty Bay (£8.69)
Topshop Blitz (£6): Topshop
No7 polishes (£5.50): Boots
Ted Baker: Boots might still be availible in store



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