07 February 2013

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lipstick - Mystic Mauve

 Estee Lauder  Pure Colour Lipstick in Mystic Mauve
I got this lipstick at Christmas and I will be honest to start with I thought it would end up being one that just sat in a drawer and never got used, I thought the colour was very “un me”. However I gave it a go and was pleasantly surprised as it was really a gorgeous colour. 

 The lipstick itself is in the colour mystic mauve and is one of the lasting shimmer colours, and to be honest the idea of shimmer did put me off to start with but it is very subtle and I’d say it just adds a kind of shine to the lips. The colour is really gorgeous, I don’t feel like I can pull of the current plum lip trend but this colour is a kind of very subdued plum but still has a darkness to it that I love! It’s so different from my usual pinks and reds and I think that is the main reason I love the colour so much.

The packaging is classic Estee Lauder so sleek and shiny, and I love the clear bit with the colour at the bottom. Estee Lauder just has such a signature style which I personally adore for me they say classy and chic at the same time and this lipstick definitely ticks those boxes.

I will be honest despite having my reservations this lipstick is a firm favourite of mine and is now one of my most worn lip colours so I’m pretty sure it will be in a few posts in the future. 


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  1. I have this! Love love love xxx



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