28 February 2013

Look Beauty Brow Perfect Review

A few weeks ago, I ordered the LOOK beauty Brow Perfect palette, I'd been thinking about getting it for a while and when it was half price I decided I needed to snap it up, and I'm so glad I did.
I’m one of those people who obsesses over their eyebrows, I can’t explain why but it could be to do with the reason one of them grows in big and bushy and the other hardly grows at all, so I am constantly having to tweak at them and fill them in and I still never feel they look the same, which drives me crazy. I’ve used my fair share of brow pencils and for a while I was getting HD brows, which I loved but being a student I can hardly afford £30 plus every time they need done. And that is where this little genius product fits in.

Firstly the packaging, Black and shiny will always attract my eye and I like how it opens kind of diagonally on a side hinge, I think that makes it a little different and the sliding compartment can be a little tricky to master at first but you don’t really need to use that on a daily basis.

I like how it has the little step by step guide on both the box and the card inside as the majority of people throw away the box. It’s fairly simple to use as well and you get everything you need inside, you get 7 brow colours, a fixing gel, tweezers and a brush which has a different size on either end, which I think is great. It also has 4 brow stencils which you place over your eyebrows shade in with your chosen brow colour and then pluck and use the fixing gel.

It seems simple enough but as a “brow worrier” I couldn’t help but think about not lining them up right and having two different shaped eyebrows but that didn’t happen it really is super easy to use and align so you don't get wonky brows. The 4 different brow templates are named after the 4 most fashionable cities and Milan is my personal favourite.

 I don't use the templates on an everyday basis I use them about once a week just to make sure my brows are still a nice shape and I just fill them in using the brush and I use the darkest powder out of the long 2 at the top and the last one on the swatch below. I tend to use the smaller end of the brush to apply the product and then blend with the bigger end and apply fixing gel.

 The swatches below are from left to right with the bottom five and then the two separate coloursare on the end, I think the range of colours you get in this palette is amazing as usually you get ones to suit specific colours etc.

 All in all I am a huuuuge fan of this product, for me personally it ticks all the boxes and I am definitely going to try out some more Look beauty items in the future.
Do you have a favourite brow palette or love any Look Beauty products?

Look Beauty Brow Perfect kit is availible in some Superdrug stores and here


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  1. Wow fantastic! :) I've been looking for one of these so thanks

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