17 February 2013

Sunday Summary

Instead of my usual Instagram post I thought I would do a little summery of things that have happened to me this week, with photos and instagram bits :).

First of it was Valentines day and I am so not one of those lovey dovey people that enjoys celebrating a day made for card companies, restaurants etc to make money because if you love them you can tell them anyway. Slightly hypocritical, I still buy my boyfriend a card and a wee present, I can't help but get caught up in it sometimes. But, my boyfriend knows I really do not like valentines day and I had told him not to get me anything but he did surprise me the day before by sending flowers to my house. We just spent the night watching movies and stuffing our faces really.

These are the gorgeous flowers he had me delivered they have all my favourites in I adore lillies and roses :) and the florist he always goes to always does pretty things to the roses in the bouquet. He also got me chocolates, cos every girl loves chocolates.

 I got him this cute elephant card I seen it in John Lewis and just knew I had to get it for him :). I also bought him a big tub of haribo because he loves them and I always eat them all but I made him do a little scavenger hunt round the house for them first.

 This is a little snap of us in our slippers ready to watch movies and pig out as usual :).

No picture post would be complete without some little instagram snaps :)

Im hoping to post a lot more on my blog this week I've got a few posts planned already, I've just been majorly stressed out with uni Since I went back as it is now week 6 and my dissertation is due in 5 weeks time. So I need to get my study on :)


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