11 March 2013

Ebay finds #2

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I love nothing more than finding a good ebay bargain and sharing that with you lovely people :). I am pretty much bag obsessed I have more bags than I can possibly use, yet I keep finding excuses to buy more and when I found this lovely PS1 look alike I couldn't quite contain myself :). I've also been after one of the honeysuckle cambridge satchels but I found a similliar one on ebay. I've been loving contouring forever and wanted to try the light sleek palette but its sold out and I found this one much cheaper :). The encode totem styler has been on my wish list forever and at half the price who can say no? not me! I also found these lovely acrylic lipstick holders, definitely what my make up table is missing!
Do you love finding yourself a good ebay bargain as much as me?



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