22 March 2013

A little catch up

 This weeks been one of those weeks where life has got in the way of blogging, I've been majorly stressed out with uni coursework etc and getting my dissertation finished. But I'm all organised with posts etc which I should be getting on the blog in time I have a few things coming up I am very excited about as well. I've got a few of my recent instagram snaps, mys dissertation to do list and me practising my presentation I had to give. I also visited the Forever 21 store opening in Glasgow and it was amazing, unfortunately I didn't have time to buy anything as I had a lecture to go to and the queue was crazy. I'm hoping to go in on Sunday for some shopping as well! 



  1. My boyfriend has been stressing out over his dissertation too. Glad that I don't have that pleasure this year! Still in love with your Chanel varnish phone case. *Need* one of them in my life! x


    1. mine has to be totally finished and handed in by next Thursday but Ive only got a few little things to do now so hopefully it will be fine :). I know! I live it they are definitely worth getting :)


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