03 March 2013

Chanel iPhone Case Lovin'

 I've had my iPhone for a while now and I've never really had a case I completely love or even use all the time I tend to take them off all the time and just have my phone bare. Recently, though I was seeing a lot of these sort of cases about and thought, that is what I NEED! I think any self confessed beauty addict will feel the same way as I did.
 This is the little beauty here, its a case based on a Chanel nail polish, is there anything better for us beauty addicts, I think not. I am completely in love with it! It has not left my phone since I got it so that's already a win against the various cases I have lying around my room.

 I chose the colour Rose Exuberant, but there is a whole variety of different ones and I had narrowed it down to about 5 but this one I felt was the most me. It's from Etsy and was delivered from Hong Kong, I automatically thought it would take forever to get here but it took under a week which I thought was pretty impressive. It didn't burst the bank either because it was about £11 including postage.

 You can also chose between a soft or hard case and black or white, I chose the hard black case which I like because I think seeing a big white rim on the actual case wouldn't have looked all that great but I'm not keen on the black rim I have round the white of my phone, I'm just fussy I think.

Anyway if you like me have fallen in love with this case you can order one of them from here



  1. Oh my god! That is the cutest thing ever! That you so much for sharing this, it is going straight on my pay day wish list!


    1. Aww thank you! I totally love it its definitely worth the money and not as dear as you would pay out a phone shop for a wee plain cover :) x


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