18 April 2013

Benefit Fake Up Concealer - Worth the Hype?

  I know you have all probably seen loads of the Benefit Fake Up reviews and everyone and their aunty seems to be talking about it. So you know what I done, I jumped right on that bandwagon and bought it! Needless to say I now understand what all the fuss is about, its amazing, and I am a huge fan of it.

 I am the colour light and as any pale skinned girl will tell you buying a concealer which is actually light enough for your skin is no easy task most of the ones I have tried before all have that orangey tinge, with the exception of  Benefit Bo-oing concealer, which I loved, (until Fake up!). However there was no need to worry about the colours as the light is perfect for me.

 One thing I always adore about Benefit products is that they have amazing packaging and fake up is no exception. its a shiny silver tube bigger than a lipstick that twists the product up. It is super girly and chic with the pink and purple handwriting. Benefit fake up claims to be a crease-control hydrating concealer. the outer ring contains Vitamin E and apple seed and the inner ring is the concealer. You smooth the product on under your eyes or over blemishes and the pat and blend with your fingers.

So does it work and live up to the hype? YES! I have heriditary dark circles, which if you alos suffer from this, you will know are a total nightmare to hide and cover up. However Benefit fake up does the job, it really is hydrating it feels silky and smooth on the skin without being oily and blends in to the under eye area very easily. I've also used it to cover up the redness I get on my face as well and it works wonders. No other concealer had ever managed to cover my dark circles as well as fake up does I actually love this product.
Before and After applying Fake Up - HUGE difference
Benefit Fake Up is available from here, here, here for £18.50
Oh and its currently on the QVC website for £15

For me Benefit Fake Up is definitely worth the hype, it is a truly amazing concealer and I love it!
What are your thoughts on Benefit Fake Up?


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