08 April 2013

Ebay finds #3 - Makeup Storage Edition

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Acrylic makeup storage is BIG, everyone either has it or wants it and I am among the ones who WANT! However I have looked at muji and I know pretty much everyone has them but I decided I'd look for some alternatives and I turned to the old reliable, Ebay. 
I love how most of the drawers have extra bits on top for storage like a lipstick holder etc. 
I also love the acrylic pots that could make a useful and handy makeup brush holder!
I hope that if you are looking for some alternative acrylic storage I have helped you out!
Let me know what you think


  1. I love reading makeup storage posts! They always give me new ideas. I think I want every one of those acrylic holders!! I need more room for my makeup!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog hop! Im glad you like it! Following :)


    1. Aww thank you so much! I'm going to be buying a couple and doing a little follow up and storage post as well :D


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