09 April 2013

Everyday Make-up: Contouring

Kim Kardashians contour and highlighting

  A good few months ago after seeing the now infamous picture of Kim Kardashian having her makeup done, which I'm sure many of you will have seen, I became obsessed with contouring and highlighting. I'd always contoured a little and highlighted in certain areas but as of late it has become part of my daily makeup routine.

I posted a picture on instagram of me a few weeks back before and after my contour and highlighting and I got such a good response to it that I thought I would share what I do on a daily basis. Now I am no make up artist and I kind of learn from looking online etc and I found a diagram which really helped me when understand where to put what.

I use 3 main products when contouring these are my Estee Lauder invisible fluid foundation, Fashionista concealer in light and Chanel Bronze Universal. the concealer is your highlight and the bronze universal the contour. I apply a light layer of my estee lauder foundation and then pput the conncealer on all the ares that need highlighted (Bridge of the nose, centre of forehead, under eyes and above cheekbones, chin and a little just above your jaw line). I then apply my Bronze Universal as the contour (temples, under cheekbones, sides of nose and jaw bone). I like using my Bronze Universal as a contour as it is so easy to blend and I think its the perfect colour for me.
The next step is to blend all the highlighter (concealer) out, I use a stippling brush for this, you don't want to blend it into the contour though. After that give your stippling brush a wipe and do the same with the contour, just so there are no harsh lines. I then like to go over my face with another light layer of my foundation as it just blends it all together a little more.

 I have to say I absolutely love love love contouring! I thought it was going to be really difficult to do and something I would only want to do to my makeup for nights out but I've found it really simple and easy to do for every day. I sometimes go over the highlighter and bronzer areas with a powder bronzer and highlighter just to emphasize it a little more.

 So there it is my everyday contoured face.

Have you tried contouring?



  1. I love doing the Kim K contouring! gorgeous xx

    1. It's honestly my favourite thing to do with my makeup and so addicting I can't help but do it everyday! x

  2. I love a bit of contouring ;) dont feel like my face looks 'right' without it!

    1. Im the same anytime I wear just blusher now I feel weird! x


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