08 April 2013

Sunday Summary

So the past week has been one of those crazy busy weeks where you just don't know where thetime has went, quite literally, the clocks moving always messes me up like to the point where I'm still think "NO thats not the time!" a week on! I thought I'd share some recent instagram snaps and some other things that have happened this week.
 Went to superdrug for shampoo, this is more than shampoo/forever 21/loving that sats/face/obssession/lovet this song/bday treats/bracelet/CHANEL

 Handing in my dissertation/made a strawberry and white choc cheesecake/also made caramel brownies/I'm 22

This week some pretty big things have happened!
1. I handed in my Dissertation (proud as punch) - it was such a surreal day for me as I couldn't actually believe I was handing something a year in the making in a whole 12,622 words. I never thought I would be able to write as much on the topic (which was all my own choice, including the title) and in the end I actually found I could have wrote a lot lot more. Its hard to believe I have 2 exams and a graduation and I will no longer be a student.
2. I am no 22! Yupp it was kind of difficult to get excited in the midst of everything else that was happening but I got a lovely surprise from my family and my boyfriend!
3. After I handed my dissertation in I had a very well deserved nap, followed by watching chasing the sats from the beginning!
4. I then made more cake than anyone in my family wants to eat
5. My bank balance has taken a major major dunt today!


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