19 April 2013

Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stain 22 Prune Minimale

On a trip to Debenhams I picked up on of these beauties, it was definitely a purchase inspired by FleurdeForce after reading her reviews and seeing the YSL glossy stains in her favourites. I picked up shade 22 Prune Minimale a very deep, dark plummy purple colour, which I thought at the time I would get loads of wear out of. However it is such a dark colour, great for nights out, not so much every day, so I tend to just apply one coat of this rather than 2 which makes it very dark. The packaging as always with any YSL product does not dissapoint, with the mix of sleek gold and black. I like the band down the middle showing the colour inside the glossy stain which gives it an interesting touch. They have a fuzzy heart shaped applicator as they are a kind of gloopy, sticky texture not unlike some lipglosses. The colour pay off is amazing, they are very highly pigmented! All in all I would definitely purchase another one of these, probably in a more wearable colour for me personally.
1 coat of YSL glossy stain

They don't come cheap at £22.50 each available from Debenhams and Frasers



  1. I can never decide what colour glossy stain I want but this is gorgeous! I've started loving darker shades so think I might swatch it :)

    Chloe - Very Lovely Stuff

    1. It is a nice colour I more wear it on nights out and stuff definitely get someone on the ysl counter to try it on you first before choosing I'd say ha :)


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