17 May 2013

Quick and Easy Contouring with Benefit Fake Up

 I have mentioned in a couple of posts how much I love contouring here. I pretty much have to give anything a go that hints at being good for contouring... it’s an addiction! So I did an everyday contouring post a while back but this is going to be a slightly updated version of that. 
Light left and deep on the right
I’ve already reviewed Benefits fake up concealer here and when I seen a few bloggers talking about how the darker colour could be used as a contour I knew I had to give it a go! Fake up is a very creamy concealer, this makes it very easy to blend into the skin, definitely what you want from a contour. The colours I use for contouring and highlighting are light and deep although I do think medium would work as a more subtle contour. 

I start by applying my base, primer and my foundation and then putting the signature Kim K stripes of colour on my face. You want to put the light colour on the middle of the forehead, down the bridge of the nose above your lip, your chin and under your eyes. The darker colour goes just under your cheekbone, jawline and on the temples and down the side of your nose.
I then use my real techniques brushes to blend this all in to my foundation, I use the pointed foundation brush to pat out the light colour under my eyes to the sides of my nose and pat in the rest of the light fake up. I then use the contouring brush to blend the deep fake up in and finally the buffing brush to get rid of harsh lines.
 I find using fake up as a contour super easy to do especially when I'm in a rush to get ready as it definitely adds the definition everyone wants from contouring whilst being really easy to blend in. The only downside for me is that I can't highlight as much as I would want to with the light colour especially around my nose area as I get oily during the day and even setting with powder I find due to the creaminess I need to do little touch ups throughout the day. 

Have you tried using Benefit Fake Up as a contour?

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  2. omg this is amazing and so easy to follow :) I already have the light fake up, obv need to get the dark one now
    Roxy's Box of Tricks  

    1. I know I absolutely love doing it! Its super easy to do :) xxx

  3. Hi Genna ;)

    My name is Cinthia and i am a brazilian beauty blogger.
    I will make a post about the concealer and I'd like to know if I can use your contouring pictures on my post.
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  4. Great post :) you have such a cute blog


  5. Oh damn this is awesome! I never thought to use these as contouring items it looks so simple too! Cheers for the bad ass awesome post :) I only own medium xD


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