18 June 2013

Bare Minerals Ready Blush in The Natural High

I have been meaning to pop a post up about this blusher for soooo long, well better late than never eh? So for Spring 2013, Bare Minerals launched the Remix collection which all comes in this rather lovely and shiny aqua blue packaging. Whilst browsing around Debenhams on a rare ocassion I was too early for Uni, I spotted this little beauty of a blusher. Now I would say Blushers and lipsticks are pretty even when it comes to being my biggest weakness. So I knew I had to have this one, the fact it was limited edition just convinced me even more to part with my money.

Im going to admit that it was the packaging that first caught my eye, I’m like a magpie to shiny things and I really really like this colour as well. I’m usually one for my shiny black and sleek packaging but I love the fact that this stands out in my makeup collection.

Natural High (left) and Sleek Rose Gold (right)

The Natural high is described as a "golden petal peach" to me it leans more on the pink side of coral rather than totally peach. I love the golden shimmer in it as it adds a lovely and healthy looking glow  has and I think it would look great on most skin tones. It has a lovely amount of shimmer as it is very subtle. When I seen this blusher I couldnt help but instantly comparing it to the likes of NARS Orgasm and my much loved Sleek Rose Gold. The above swatch shows them both together. They are very similiar with the natural high being more pink and containing less golden shimmer than the sleek.
All in all this is definitely one of my favourite blushers to add an instant flush to my cheeks.
You can still by the blusher from Selfridges online and on QVC at £22.

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  1. I heard about this from other bloggers, but kind of dismissed it, but you’re convincing me otherwise! I might have to go and check it out now. Great review. Love the blog too! xx

    1. Its such a gorgeous colour honestly I hope they make it a pernament one! xxx


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