17 July 2013

I Graduated!!

I know I have been kind of missing on the blogging scene as of late but as some of you may know I recently found out I was graduating from Uni with a 2.1 honours degree. There was a lot a lot a lot of mixed emotions and graduation came around so so quickly.
For everyone me included, graduation day is like the final stage in your education and is of course a time for you to celebrate everything you have achieved with your family and friends. For me, graduation was a slightly emotional day as it was the end of an era. So now a major stepping stone in my life has ended and I've just been taking time to myself to figure out what I want to do and how I' going to do it. It's both scary and exciting but to me this is the start of the rest of my life and I'm excited for all the challenges I will face.
So here are a few pictures from the day.

The black dress I wore under my gown is the Lonny dress from Aqua I honestly wish I got a picture of the dress itself
The dress I wore to dinner is from Topshop



  1. Congratulations on your degree Genna! :D
    I bet your smile was huge :D

  2. Congratulations! You looked amazing! Love the dress.



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