11 September 2013

My Dressing Table

Favourite perfumes
Some skincare bits
Most used brushes
Like any girl my dressing table has pride of place in my room, I can remember the first dressing table I ever got and feeling like a princess sitting down at it. I've had this dressing table for a few years now and decided it needed a bit of a change. Before it was cluttered and had a much smaller mirror and had just lost that touch of it being a special place. A few adjustments and purchases from ikea can make the world of difference. I love this big gold mirroe I've had it for ages and I just love doing my makeup in it and I can see my outfits aswell. The perfume tray that my favourite perfumes sit in is actually a glass lasagne dish (I think) from Ikea, I thought it would do the job until I could find something prettier. Beside that I have a few skincare bits and a jar full of cotton pads. At the opposite side I have my glasses with my most used makeup brushes, predominantly real techniques and sigma. The purple glasses were actually candles from Primark! Next is the pink box which holds a lot of my lipsticks, this is what a purse I got given as a gift actually came in but I never wanted to through it away. My nailpolishes are kept in a glass (fruit bowl?) from Ikea, I had been looking for something like this for a while and when I spotted this (its called gottis) in the Kitchen area I snapped it up. And of course what girls dressing table would be complete without a Chanel bag.I'm also going to be getting a few makeup illustrations to put at either side of my dressing table.
Is your dressing table a special place to you?



  1. I love my dressing table but we're moving house in 8 weeks and there's no room for it :( I'm absolutely gutted.

    Found you via the 'Share the Love' blog hop. I'm one of this weeks co-hosts :)

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

    1. Awwww I would be so so gutted as well if I coouldn't have mine!


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