27 September 2013

Whats Hot and Whats Not #1

 Did anyone else not just love the whats hot section in magazines! I always loved reading at it and getting a giggle at them. So I thought just for something fun I'd do a little whats hot and whats not feature on the blog today. Lets get the whats not out the way first shall we. First up is Nike Air Max, I'm sorry to all those who love them and yes I think its perfectly acceptable to wear them to the gym, out running, a variety of other sporting activities but please not out as part of your outfit with frilly socks.. Next up is Autumn weather, it plays havoc on our general beauty you get ready to go out and within minutes your hair looks like it did when you first got up and there was no need to apply that blusher because now your cheeks are bright red and your nose matches them. Also don't even bother trying to put an umbrella up just accept your getting blasted with the wind and rain. Okay so next is not santa no I'm not calling santa hot or not that would be weird, but talking about christmas too early and not just the little odd mention I dont mind that, I mean the people who update you morning and night on how many days, how many sleeps and how many saturdays. Please let me get Halloween and Bonfire night over with first and then feel free to tell me these things!
Okay so first on the whats hot list is Autumn, everyone loves a new season I think and I especially love autumn, I don't know why the weather can be pretty awful but for some reason its one of my favourite times of year. Clueless! pay homage to Cher and get yourself some Tartan and checks, honestly they are everywhere, at first I was a bit dubious about the tartan skirts and trousers but now I am loving this trend. It goes without saying that in the winter months we put away our light coloured makeup to make room for darker colours, I love dark plum on nails and lips and its acceptable to do a neutral smokey eye pretty much all the time! Okay so last up is whats going down and it appears the much loved messy bun is on its way out! but fear not bun lovers they have been replaced by the sleek and tight ballerina bun!

I hope you have enjoyed this little feature and let me know what would make your hot list!


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  1. I totally agree. Trainers belong to gym only. Hate that trend.
    Adela x



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