16 October 2013

FABB Events Glasgow

On Saturday the 5th of October I went along to the FABB glasgow event with my sister and 50+ other fabulous bloggers! FABB (Fashion and Beauty Blogger) Events are organised by the Amazing Ray who is she and Tor That's Peachy. Basically many of the details about the event are kept totally secret until the day. So off we trotted to Fanelli's in the gorgeous Merchant Square despite living near Glasgow and having went to Uni here I had no idea where this was, but luckily we managed to find it.

We were greeted by Ray and Tor and some rather yummy looking cupcakes on our way in and found lots of different stalls set up by a number of amazing brands. The brands there on the day were Tropic Skincare, which is an all natural skincare and makeup company, started up by one of the former apprentice stars. Crystal Clear Skincare, who I had never heard of before but was very impressed by the products they had. Lush were also there showing us the limited edition Christmas goodies,the lovely Cocoa Brown ladies were there telling us all about the brand. I was very impressed and cannot wait to give the tan a try. Mallzee were also there enticing us in for a chat with some rather tasty fudge! Apointedd, the Pokey Hat and the Digital Guestbook were there. One of the most inspiring brands for me and possibly my favourite for this reason were the Beauty Kitchen, a glasgow based all natural beauty brand set up by Husband and Wife.

All the goodies we recieved were truly overwhelming and amazing and I cannot wait to review some of the products on my blog over the next few weeks. Big thanks to Ray and Tor for organizing such and amazing event and thanks to all the brands who came along to show us their products.


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