29 October 2013

Halloween | Pumpkin Carving!

 As I have already mentioned and just incase you missed it, I LOVE HALLOWEEN! So this weekend I went out bought my pumpkins and got stuck into my second favourite halloween activity (makeup etc being the first). I did intend to take pictures as I went along but I got a little overexcited and forgot! On Saturday my boyfriend and I carved pumpkins, I made a Trick or Treat one I had before, just because I really like it and despite me trying to convince him just to do a bat or a ghost, no he wanted to make a Bain from batman one, which I actually think turned out pretty good. On Sunday my sister and I went looking for some massive pumpkins and sainsburys did not disappoint with "monster" pumpkins, I am not kidding they were huge I could hardly even carry them! I decided I didn't want to use a template for mine but I knew what I wanted to do and so I drew it all out first and then onto the pumpkin and I'm actually so chuffed with how it turned out!

I got the pumpkin carving kit from asda last year which definitely makes carving your pumpkin much much easier especially if you choose an intricate design! Using a template is a great way of doing a design on your pumpkin that you really want as they are really easy to follow and you can find loads online! One final trick is that I choose the side I'm going to carve on and when Im cutting it a the top to hollow it out I take more of a line out at the back than the front, if that makes sense.

Let me know if you enjoy halloween and if you have been carving any pumpkins!


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