17 October 2013

Illamasqua Neutral Palette Dupe

A few weeks ago I reviewed the Illamasqua Neutral Palette (here) and it is one of my favourite ever eye shadow palettes. However I know that not everyone can justify paying £34 for what is essentially 4 eyeshadows, all be it very nice, extremely pigmented and all round gorgeous. So I decided that I am going to start doing some dupe posts of higher end items for those a fraction of the price you can find in the drugstore.
The sleek Au Naturel palette (here) I reviewed this and it wasn't till last week that I noticed that this could easily be a dupe for my beloved illamasqua palette. So I did what any makeup obsessed beauty blogger does.. swatched until my heart was content!
So without further ado here are the dupes from sleek for illamasqua:
Nougat is the perfect dupe for stealth a buttery yellow cream highlight, it is however slightly chalky (unlike it's illamasqua counterpart) and dificult to get out of the pan and onto your brush/finger. 
Moss mixed with a little Taupe gives a similiar colour to that of vintage, The shimmer from both is about the same. 
Regal is on of the matte shades and is on the slightly darker side of wolf, however if you dont mind a little extra shimmer Mineral Earth is a great colour match. 
Noir is a nice deep matte black like obsidian, its not as highly pigmented but is still an excellent dupe. 

In terms of pigmentation the Illamasqua palette wins it however, sleek always have crazily pigmeted products especially consdering the Au Naturel Palette is a quarter of the price and you get an extra 8 eyeshadows. I love my Illamasqua palette but the sleek au naturel palette is an extremely good quality dupe for the colours! 

If you like dupe posts please let me know and I will do more!
What dupes have you discovered for much loved high end products?


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