05 October 2013

Skincare Sunday | Glycerin and Rosewater Toner

Recently I've been stepping up my skincare regime and it seems to have been working for the most part. I decided to use an AHA toner and had been using this after cleansing morning and night which resulted in my skin deciding it had had enough! So after pouring over Caroline Hirons (aka the skincare goddess) blog she had mentioned rosewater being a good toner. So off I went to boots on the hunt! I found this on the very bottom shelf in the skincare aisle and it cost me a grand total of £2.32. I only use this at night and still use my Clarins in the mornings, I find it leave a little bit of a sticky residue on the skin, this is probably the glycerin and I don't really mind it as I apply my moisturizers and other bits over it. I am happy I picked this toner up as for the price I can't really complain and it does the job, a perfect nightime toner I think.
What bargain beauty buys have you discovered recently?


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