24 October 2013

The Broken Doll

As I may have already mentioned a few times, on here, on twitter, on instagram (okay maybe a lot of times) I love halloween. I love planning my outfit and my makeup and putting everything together, it just makes it feel better to me when I've sort of diy'ed my own costume. Last year I decided I wanted to go as a broken (creepy) porcelain doll and I loved it. So I thought I would share it on here incase anyone is in need of some halloween inspiration.

Last year was the first year I dabbled in the scary/creepy side of halloween and I loved it! I knew I wanted to go as a creepy broken porcelain doll and my Jones & Jones Poppy Dress (also seen here) played a major part in me choosing this as halloween as I thought it would make part of the perfect costume. I added some crazy pearl jewellery and beaded bracelets and bought the little apron from ebay (I think minus the dress this was the dearest part) I made the bows on my socks and dress myself and also the big hair bow! I made this from lilac an black tulle layered and sewn into a bow shape and attached this to a plain black headband from Primark. I also bought some white tights and ripped them up and put black eyeshadow down them to add to the whole broken/neglected look.

The Makeup was of course my favourite part! I didn't go totally white but went for a pink tinge. I drew big white semi circles under my eyes and glued on some false lashes, I put false lashes on my upper lid (these were literally the biggest fake lashes ever). Covered my lips with foundation and then drew a loveheart in pink lipstick and lipcoted the whole thing. Cant forget the big rosy cheeks and some freckles aswell. I drew cracks on my face for the sort of broken affect but didn't want to over do it as I already find porcelain dolls pretty creepy anyway.

I think this is a costume that could be knocked up pretty last minute!
Let me know what your favourite halloween costume has been?



  1. I usually don't like anything too scary but you did an amazing job with the makeup! Love the huge bow as well :)


    1. Thank you so much! It was the first year I decided to go scary and it was mostly because I had this mkeup in mind before anything else :)

      Genna xxx


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