23 October 2013

The Halloween Tag

Halloween is by far my favourite time of year, it might even be my favourite holiday! I'm sure all my fellow beauty obsessives can agree that the makeup alone is enough to make you enjoy it! I seen Hayley of Water Painted Dreams do this tag and I decided I would do it as what better way to get into the halloween spirit!

What is your favourite Halloween movie?
Now I'm not one for scary movies! So I'm going to say my favourite sort of Halloween featuring movie (it has witches in it, whats not halloween about that) is Practical Magic! Yes its kind of a love story but it does include a lot of witchy going ons, like ex lovers coming back from the dead etc. Its well worth watching especially for putting the lime in the coconut! BEST BIT!

1-10 How much do you enjoy Halloween?
Definitely a 10!

What is your fondest Halloween memory?
I've always loved getting dressed up for halloween every year, my Mum did an amazing job of mine and my sisters Halloween costumes every year! I'd say my favourite was definitely the Tooth Fairy I got to have glitter in my hair and carry a wand, every young girls dream! I remember us getting a big halloween cake one year the was a witches cauldron filled with sweets.. Amazing!

Have you always been a Halloween lover?
Well for as long as I can remember I've loved Halloween, there was obviously times when I got a bit older and didnt go out dressed up anymore but my Mum and Dad still got us loads of sweets so yeah.. always!
How do you get into the Halloween spirit?

Thinking of costumes and planning makeup and of course.. Pumpkin carving!! I tend to get a little competitive with this but me and my Mum have been keeping it up for the past couple of years. My favourite is definitely my trick or treat pumpkin and last years I did totally free hand without a stencil!

Favourite Halloween decorations?
The pumpkins, theres just something about finishing one and having it sitting with a candle in it

Favourite Halloween/fall scent?
 I'm going to say Yankee Candles salted caramel something about it just makes me think Autumn and of course Halloween

Favourite candy?
I loved getting all the sweets when I was younger but I think the ones that I like the most and make me think halloween are the halloween packs (swizzel Matlow ones, parma violets etc) you can buy and theres the little round I call them traffic light sweets, I dont know what they actually are.

So there you have it I am a complete Halloween obsessive! If you do this tag let me know!  



  1. Oh wow your pumpkins are amazing! Thanks so much for doing the tag :D

    Water Painted Dreams xxx

    1. Can you tell I take halloween far too seriously! hahaa xxx

  2. That Pumpkin is so impressive! I wish I had your skill, mine always look a mess! Raspberrykiss xo

    1. Aww thanks misses! I take pumpkin carving pretty seriously me and my mum have a competition every year ha! xx


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