13 November 2013

Share The Love #1

So I've seen a few of these posts going around recently and I was very inspired to do one sharing the blogging love with you and telling you all about my favourite blogs to read and the bloggers behind them! so lets get started!

 Scott from Scottnothingtodowithyou, I first met Scott going to a blogger event a good few weeks ago now and honestly we hit it off straight away! He is just fabulous that is the only word I can use to describe him. He is funny and his blog is a must read for me he has such a sense of fashion, that if I am honest I'm slightly jealous of especially since he owns the amazing Zara city bag, go check him out!

Next up is Katie from Gold Dust, I have been following Katie's blog for as long as I can remember and she was actually one of my little blogs first followers. Katie puts so much work in to her blog and it has paid off as she is a blogger who has recently started getting the attention she deserves. I love reading her product reviews as I know they will always be honest and true to her opinion. I especially love her weekly perfect pets feature! If you haven't already go and take a look at her blog, you won't be disappointed.

  Hayley from Water Painted Dreams, Hayley's blog is a lovely mix of lifestyle and beauty posts and you can really tell she puts her personality into each and every one. I actually missed meeting Hayley at the Glasgow Fabb event but definitely wish I had got the chance to say hi! I enjoy reading her weekly things that make me happy posts and also her beauty ones as she is always honest about a product!

 Ellie from Ellie's Ramblings, is another one of my recent favourites, I have been following Ellie's blog for quite a while and I honestly love it! I have been enjoying all her posts about her recent Holiday to Florida, even though they are making me super jealous and want to go to disney world. I can also tell I also love watching her haul videos even though someone literally has to hide my bank card afterwards!

Poppy from Makeup by Poppy, I love this girls blog honestly! I love all her beauty posts and can tell her opinions are completely honest. Is it weird to mention the fact I think she takes amazing product pictures. This is a girl who deserves way more followers so go have a browse!

I think I'm going to start doing these more often! Do you like sharing the blogging love and who are your favourites?


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  1. Nice! I already read Gold Dust's and Poppy's blog, but I'll definitely have to check the others out!

    Thanks for sharing the love ;)

    xx -b.


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