27 November 2013

The Paul & Joe Floral Makeup Bag

 Some of you may have seen the Makeup bag that the lovely Vivianna Does Makeup referred to as a filofax and yes my need for complete organisation and tidyness in all aspects of my like, that and the gorgeous floral print immediately had me lusting after it! I jumped straight onto the Selfridges website, but it was sold out, its one of those products that likes to play hard to get and I searched and searched and finally 3 months or so later when I had almost forgot all about it, the Lovely Hannah Maggs posted about it. I clicked straight onto Selfridges and there it was, IN STOCK! I didn't even think twice and I have never looked back. The gorgeous floral exterior is perfect for all year round it's just so pretty and extremely handy at a big but not too big A5 size. Inside it almost resembles a ring binder (Filofax) with 2 removable pouches. One pouch is the same floral as the exterior and the other a sort of cream mesh. Inside is a lovely cream colour with a section for palettes etc and possibly the best bit about it, the brush slots. It has 4 slots for your makeup brushes and a section behind that for other items or more brushes. I honestly use this everyday now, I no longer have to pull bent out of shape brushes out of my makeup bag or whittle down what I take as this fits in A LOT! It has been one of my best buys recently and I am chuffed to bits I finally got my hands on it!

Whats been your hard to find product?



  1. What a goregous print! I'm a bit of an organisation freak as well so I could see myself loving this! x

    Hannah @ Cutes and Fruits

  2. such a cute bag and love the stuff that's inside is so awesome :) would you like to follow each other :) xx

  3. This looks so amazing! I am seriously going to add this to my wishlist now, I need something like this (I love being organised and neat and tidy) and the print is lovely too! Thank you for doing a post on this, it's probably really sad but I'm getting excited about buying one already..

    Kathryn x

    1. Not at all! I can understand since I spent months trying to get my hands on this it really is gorg! xx


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