06 December 2013

Skincare Saviour: Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Mask

This feature on my blog is usually referred to as Skincare Sunday, I haven't actually managed to do one in a while! But I was ready and super excited to share this with you lovelies! It is also my Boyfriends Birthday on Sunday so there will be no blog related goings on as we have lots of stuff planned! Anyway, I actually got given this very generous tester in a gift with purchase and as soon as I seen it was for dehydrated skin I couldn't wait to slap a layer on! The Clarins Hydra Quench Cream-Mask is said to deliver an intense hydration boost to the thirstiest skin and leaving a thin layer on for 5 to 10 minutes. This sounded amazing to me and just what I have been needing recently, central heating, blasts of cold air, air conditioning, cold air (you get my drift) my skin is suffering BIG TIME! This has been a total saviour for me it definitely does deliver in its statements and my skin felt a lot better after using it. It is a thick cream consistency and honestly it felt weird not rubbing it in like a moisturiser. I think this is comparable to the Origins Drink up 10 minute mask but slighlty more pricey at £33. I have really enjoyed using this mask but I think I'm going to give one of the Origins Drink Up masks a go before I would consider buying the full size.



  1. I really love the packaging here - such a lovely colour! I am totally into Clarins right now, my skin is so horrid during winter! I bought loads of Clarins stuff from Debenhams last week, and they didn't even give me any samples, boo! :o I'm always too scared to ask for them...

    Love your blog btw :)


    1. Aww its amazing and don't be silly I work at a counter myself as well and you should totally ask for samples especially when you are buying a lot! xx


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