07 January 2014

Stylingnovice.com Has Changed

Regular readers and my lovely followers may have noticed I am in the middle of changing my blog. I've had Stylingnovice for over a year now and whilst I adore blogging I just didn't think my blog name suited me or any of the things I enjoy chatting to you lovely lot about! I had thought about changing my blog name numerous times but because I had purchased my domain I thought it was better to stick with it and I was attached to it!

However, my domain needed to be renewed on the 8th of January and I have decided not to do that but rather take the plunge and change my blog name. I have purchased a new domain which should be up and running soon (48 hours) it seems like an eternity I won't lie. I hope you will all understand that at the moment it is a little bit of a work in progress but hopefully you will find the new and improved blog suits me a lot better and will enjoy it even more.



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