20 February 2014

Lifestyle | The Buttery at Silverbirch Garden Centre

A couple of Saturdays ago my, Mum, Sister and I decided to go out for lunch and decided to pop along to somewhere we hadn't been in a while. The Buttery at Silverbirch Garden Centre, its one of those places I always remember especially for the homemade cakes! It was busy as any garden centre is on a Saturday, but we found a table quickly and sat down. The decor is always amazing and they always change the little entrance area around using items you can purchase in the garden centre. I love the decor of the place it just has such a cos but open feel, with glass windows all around and plenty of lighting as well, good since it was raining and a little dull outside. Its a mix match of wooden tables with wicker chairs, big leather tub chairs and comfy sofas placed in corners just adding to the whole feel. The service is also different than the canteen style method at the other garden centres, it's a lot more intimate and someone comes over and takes your orer and brings everything to you and the staff are so friendly. 
Onto the menu, the have a whole range of things and pride themselves on using locally sourced ingredients. Like the Ramsey's bacon and ham they use. There are breakfasts, main meals (from steak pie to black pudding and feta salad), toasties and a deli section as well. They also cater to little ones and do an afternoon tea! I already knew what I wanted in the car on the way there. The homemade pancakes, scrambled egg, Ramsey's bacon and maple syrup. It is possibly the best breakfast/lunch (they serve it ALL day) ever and I love it. It comes out on a massive plate, the bacon is amazing I am so picky when it comes to bacon but you get 2 very big rashers that are super tasty! The scrambled egg is so fluffy and kind of  buttery and I seriously need the recipe for those pancakes! I know it seems weird to have maple syrup with this but it is amazing I gave up just putting it on my pancakes and went for just pouring it over everything.
If you are looking for something fun and relaxing to do and going down the Clydeside at the weekend you should definitely consider popping in here for a bite to eat. The Silverbirch is just after Crossford and well worth the trip.
If you want to see the whole menu have a look on the Silverbirch website.

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  1. Sounds like a really lovely place!

  2. those pancakes look so good, making me so hungry!


  3. Those pancakes look great! I'm feeling hungry, all of a sudden... Thanks for tweeting me your link! x


  4. This sounds lovely I really like the natural decor and the pancakes look so yummy! now following you hope you had a lovely weekend! xx


  5. Mmmm that looks so good! Little cozy places like that are so nice :)!! (Plus that name - The Buttery - is super cute haha)

    Cachoo Joo


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